Y Pwyllgor Amgylchedd a Chynaliadwyedd


Environment and Sustainability Committee                    






Carl Sargeant AM

Minister for Natural Resources

Welsh Government







                                    1 May 2015



Annwyl Carl


Local development plans – population and household forecasts


On 6 August 2013, the Committee wrote to you outlining its recommendations regarding the use of population and household forecasts in the preparation of local development plans.


In your response on 13 September 2013, you confirmed that you would report back with your findings on two particular points, namely:


1)   How the Government proposes to address concerns relating to the extent to which local planning authorities are able to produce their own ‘robust and credible’ forecasts; and

2)   The outcome of the technical analysis on whether a longer timeframe for projections would enhance their robustness.


In your letter, you stated that you would provide a response by the end of 2014. As the committee has not yet received a response, I would be grateful if you could provide an update on the above points.


Yours sincerely


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Alun Ffred Jones AM

Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee