I would just like to take this opportunity of drawing your attention to the above in bereaved people.  Losing a loved one, often late in life, can be one of the most isolating experiences especially if you have been a carer.  If I may just give one case study.  Gentleman came to us six months ago.  Aged in his 50s.  He has been looking after his mother for several years but lost his temper the Christmas before last because he was so tired.  He is feeling so guilty about this.  He was receiving help from the mental health team but they are now reducing their imput which is making him anxious.  This man wanders around town, would like to volunteer but feel unable to do so at this time as he keeps bursting into tears.  He visits two of our friendship groups and goes from town to town to do so.  He is totally 100 per cent 'lost'.  We do our best with the resources that we have.  We signpost and support the best way we can.



I have recently attended a meeting where the 'Population Needs Assessment' was shown to us.  Bereavement was in two sections.  However, surely, as this is the one thing we will all experience as a community this should be at the forefront of needs.  Bereavement is now gaining a stronger voice but we still need to make it louder.


I would be grateful if bereavement could be taken into your account in the assessment.