Inquiry into Loneliness and Isolation

Please see below views of Cardiff’s 50+ Forum members on what causes loneliness and isolation and what needs to be done to help overcome these.

Members discussed the topic and indicated that loneliness and isolation were not the same and indicated that they could be a personal thing with it being different from person to person. Member gave examples and indicated that whilst some people have outgoing personalities and are able to mix well, others find interacting with others difficult.

Members indicated that a host of evidence has been produced in recent years indicating the links between loneliness and isolation and health issues. They endorse this evidence and indicated how they have seen this in their own communities.

Members indicated that they either had experienced loneliness and isolation themselves or that they had friends or relatives who had. They indicated a range of reasons for why loneliness and isolation can be encountered these included:

Members then discussed ways of overcoming loneliness and isolation these included:


Members wanted to point out that many initiatives have previously been implemented and have been seen to be of benefit but due to lack of funding or the ending of grants initiatives have come to an end. This needs to end.