I am autistic adult which I was disgnoisis in January 2017 which took me over four year to be disgnoisis with autism spectrum disorders. I have been bouncy for services and health professionals and social services and I given a hard time at present having autism because local Cardiff and Vale uhb doesn't have neuro development for adult which I think would beneficial.

Also with Cardiff and Vale uhb their is autistic nurse which she doesn't see autistic people which I think it no right have her in the job and can't access her if need.

I currant no support service or no help when in sensory overload and people end up phone the police as well. The police put lots of vulnerable adult form within Vale of Glamorgan vulnerable adult and it doesn't go anywhere.  I get promised will service but Vale of Glamorgan social service refusing even a united assessment of needs which have change.

I have end up in accident and emergency unit all the time and the lasion phytrict said that it not best place for me as it too noise and send me home all time.

I would also like a copy of any documents and consultation and I would like to speak someone about my experience be disgnoisis with autism as adult.

I would like highlights that the national autistic society local branch don't allowed adults with autism to access their service as well.

Currant I no support for being disgnoisis bye community mental health team at Amy Evans centre as they don't have a autism service.

I also think their such be for every individual a social worker given to autism adult how live in community without family support. Vale of Glamorgan council social services doesn't not see adult with autism need support as I have been left with support now.

With Cardiff and Vale uhb their such be a crisis support unit for both adult and children and they can access this direct after having being disgnoisis. To get help and support when need or a place or safety when they hugly sensory overload and crisis support worker come out to them support via at home or safety enirovment but in mental health ward which doesn't understand .

 When are signposted to another service you just given a book told to read it. This what happened to me bye Vale of Glamorgan council adult autism advice I was give one meeting for hour told go away that all support they going give me.

When I was disgnoisis at Amy Evans community mental health centre I was only given two appointment and on the seconds told that I had autism spectrum disorders and given booked and discharge back in Cardiff and Vale uhb adult neuroscience department which with Cardiff and Vale uhb adult neuroscience department they don't have a neuro development unit for adult disgnoisis with autism.  I think my eye they need this with Cardiff and Vale uhb adult neuroscience department. 

Their are no clear pathway for adult how have be via newly disgnoisis with a year or two and have currant have it.

Their need lots my training with Cardiff and Vale uhb for adult with autism with neuroscience department and seem children service have everything for neuro development and neuroscience don't have anything neuro development for adult which seem really unfair what service they can access.

At present I find hugs amount of barriers within Cardiff and Vale uhb with neuroscience department not have a neuro development which feel all adult with Cardiff and adult neuroscience have the specialist for neuro development which this lack within Cardiff and Vale health board too.

When autistic adult put in compliant they don't listen the autistics adult concerns with Cardiff and Vale health board too. They just push under the carpet say that person have autism hoe they think which is not the truth all time.

I would like to speak someone about my experience and how treat as adult with autism spectrum disorders with Cardiff and Vale uhb and with health professionals too.

I am will to come do to Welsh assembly building have a face to face meeting with you who treat as newly disgnoisis adult with autism.