I have had hell and no help since my son started school at 3. 

Before he started school he had portage and the LEA gave him funding for pre nursery. He is almost 4 now, he has high functioning autism but no formal diagnosis as they want to wait till he is 6. He has sensory issues and hypermobility. 

When he first started school they kept him at 1 hour a day for 3 months. I called snap cymru, his heath visitor, the nurologists and nobody could get the school to up his hours. dispite breaking the law and excluding my son I was unable to get any help with the situation. It resulted in me applying for statmenting myself, even though the school senco didn't send the relevant paperwork to the LEA on time. 

It eventually got resolved when the nurologists had to go into school and ask them to have him for more than an hour a day. They reluctantly agreed. He has no IEP in plan although several professionals have requested one on my behalf. Another meeting will be held when he starts back in September, I'm to the point where I'm thinking of taking him out of school. The NHS system don't need to be going into school to get them to up a child's hours. 

I think there needs to be a governing body that can tell the school they are breaking the law. Schools should not have the power to segregate and discriminate against autistic children. There is still no IEP and I feel the school are not doing enough. I think partly as my son has no official diagnosis. It should not be the case but I almost need him to have a diagnosis to get help. I'm reliant on his hv although at his age he should not have one. I feel there is no bridge to gap the pre nursery and school system. I'm now on anxiety medication as this fight with the school has affected me greatly. please please help us mums and dad's, grandparents get the early intervention and diagnosis so the school system don't fail this generation of autistic children!