a)       Diagnosis takes far too long for children – needs to take months, not years, and be available from pre-school age.

b)       Yes.

c)       Target diagnosis times would be good, but may be hard to legislate for due to shortages of doctors/specialists.

d)       It should consult those parents who are trying to get a diagnosis for their child.

e)       Yes.  Three yearly.

f)       Welsh Government should give health authorities time targets for diagnosis, plus funding to employ the doctors.

g)       Hard.  It took us a long time and involved us paying for private consultants to help diagnose our child.

h)       Timescales. Early diagnosis is vital in improving the lives of autistic people.

i)        Definitely yes.  Parents have to work hard to find out the process.

j)        I can only speak in relation to primary school, but the school has been excellent post diagnosis.

k)       Yes.

          i)        Yes!

          ii)       Agree.

          iii)      Agree,

          iv)      Depends what it is.

          v)       Yes.

l)        Yes

m)      Schools.

n)       I do not know.

o)       Yes.

p)       Agree.

q)       Careers guidance in schools.

r)       - Yes, or else the legislation will not make sense.

          - Yes.

          - Yes.

          - No.

s)       No.

t)       The cost of medical professionals needed for timely diagnosis.

u)       i)        initial cost only.

ii)       initial cost only.

          iii)      Ongoing cost.

          iv)      Greatest cost

v)       No.

w)      Reduced diagnosis times.

x)       I do not envisage savings as it is enhancing/developing the current service.

y)       Thank you for your effort as it could improve the lives of many families.