In 2004 my previously normal grandson regressed into the non-verbal, severely autistic state he is in today. Since then I have dedicated my life to helping him.

I have looked at autism from every perspective I could find. I have written to everyone, from the Prime Minister to GPs, to broadcasters and various other forms of the media, etc, etc.

Here are my conclusions which I hope will prove helpful to you.

All of the current strategies are aimed at integrating autism into our social fabric. We have made no progress in the healing or prevention of autism in 70 years.

Here, I believe, is why we can't make progress. We don’t have a National Database for Autism.

I helped a young man recover from autism. The therapy I devised, based on tutoring everyday and boosting self confidence, was discarded by the Ministry for Education with the comment “Although there is evidence to support most of the interventions used there is no well founded evidence which proves that any one intervention is more effective than others across the spectrum. The government, therefore, is not in a position to recommend one particular intervention as against all the others.”

This ludicrous statement condemns all therapies as it is impossible for any one to be effective across the entire autism spectrum. Applying this approach to cancer we couldn't make any progress either. We desperately need a National Database for Autism. With this database it should be possible to identify various subsets which could be treated individually.

Change the Mantra of Despair to one of hope. There can be few things in life more depressing than being told “Your child's autism is genetic, incurable and any alternative therapies you apply will neither change or cure them.” This lie is enough to have some commit suicide.

Cancel the agreement between government and the pharmaceutical industry that claims for vaccine damage will be settled by government.

Government and the pharmaceutical industry are united in their efforts to ensure that vaccines are portrayed as safe and effective, whether they are or not.


In any organisation whistle blowers should report criminal activity directly to the police, not the managers responsible. In a democratic society the police are the organisation to investigate such conduct.

Our health service is in a perpetual state of crisis because we are directed to complain to those we are complaining about. The organisations set up to regulate the various aspects of care are ineffective. Millions are paid by managers trying to silence whistle blowers. This week a heart surgeon on £125k was reported to now be an Uber driver after being suspended following his whistle blowing. The cost £1,000,000.

On the news 22/9/17 Epilim, sodium valproate, a drug used in the treatment of epilepsy, was identified as the cause of recent birth defects including up to a 40% risk of autism. Families were complaining that they were not informed of the risk.

It took six years to prepare but in 2011 the case against the manufacturers Sanofi-Aventis had to be dropped due to legal aid being withdrawn. Janet Stockley-Pollard, who had four children, all suffering birth defects, formed a group of 80 all suffering the effects of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome, linked to the drug.

The company said it has always provided appropriate warnings. She said that their fight to raise awareness would continue.

Why should she have to? Assaults against our children are criminal, no matter who is responsible. The fact that hundreds of children are being born with birth defects, to parents who say they were never informed of the dangers of Epilim, is criminal.

I came across the dangers posed by Epilim as I researched autism for my book. Enclosed is a copy of the relevant page (Annex 1). This was written in 2013 and copies sent to all and sundry in my efforts to raise awareness of the plight of sufferers and their families.

We just cannot communicate effectively at any level.

Bring the NHS under the jurisdiction of the police. Currently it is above the law.

Should crimes continue to be 'managed' by those responsible there is no incentive to change. Should children be harmed due to clinical negligence, the failure to inform parents of potential dangers in this and other cases, those responsible should face criminal charges brought by the police.

No other industry could cause such catastrophic injuries without consequences.

The cost of autism.

With over an estimated 700,000 sufferers the cost to this country was estimated to be £32 bn. by the London School of Economics, in 2013. What is it today?

This one man made disability, autism, has the capacity to bankrupt the NHS.

These are some aspects of autism which I hope inform you of the desperate need for progress.

Please have that National Database for Autism included in the bill.

Until that database for autism, the facts not opinions, is made available we can't make progress. The prevention of autism and the treatment of it's various subsets will remain the elusive goal of sufferers and their shattered family's that it has been for the past 70 years.



It would seem that no one in Government or the Medical Industry wants to know.

Medicines, including antibiotics and vaccines, in my view, are the two most obvious causes, Neurotoxins found in the environment. The symptoms of mercury poisoning are similar to autism.

The combined effect of exposure to complex compounds found in food, air and water. In our households, carpets, bedding;·paints, flame retardants, pesticides etc..There is a long list and when combined it appears that a tipping point is reached

Disease can bring on autism although this appears to be rare.

Genetics plays a part but only in that some people are more susceptible to fall victim to that which causes autism, in my experience. Not a long family history of autism. Perhaps a family history of mental illness, as in our family's case, but not autism - we know autism now.

Most research is restricted to finding a genetic solution. This has resulted in doctors not having a single treatment for autism as the condition has grown from affecting 1 in 10,000 thirty years ago, to an estimated 1 in 88 today.


There is no such thing as a safe vaccine; they all have side effects.

Time and again we are told vaccines have nothing to do with autism. Thousands of parents are reporting that their children are vaccine damaged. See, on the internet, The Simpsonwood Meeting, convened to cover up the dramatic rise in autism, following the introduction of three new vaccines. Robert F Kennedy Jnr. when he obtained the transcript of this meeting in 2005 described what had happened as “Our Health Authorities have allowed the pharmaceutical industry to poison an entire generation”. Yet scientists still argue that vaccines don't cause autism even though the number of government conceded cases of MMR induced autism keeps rising, the latest Emily Moller and Ryan Mojabi 13/12/12.

It would appear that when given after 2 years of age and singly they present much less risk to fit children with no genetic predisposition towards mental disorder. See Prevention.

There is research to confirm that stimulating a woman's immune system during pregnancy increases the risk of the child becoming autistic and in adolescence suffering schizophrenia. Surely it would be better not to vaccinate pregnant women at all.


Epilim, sodium valproate. An anti.convulsant used in the treatment of epilepsy and other disorders requiring mood stabilisation. Raises the risk of a pregnant woman's child being autistic from 1 in 100 to approx l in 10. Recognised as being a drug with many side effects.


A small but significant risk.

Rubella, German Measles, is known to cause Congenital Rubella Syndrome ( CR$ ) in babies born to mothers who contracted the disease. It is most damaging in the first trimester of pregnancy.

In the USA 1963 to 1965 there was an outbreak of 12.S million cases of Rubella. The number of pregnant women giving birth to babies with CRS was 20,000.

An estimated 2,000 children were born with autism as a result.