St Dogmaels Community Council supports the concept of the Autism Bill which will provide for support throughout childhood and up to the age of 25.

However parents of children with severe autism and learning difficulties are very concerned about the replacement of Statements with Individual Development Plans.

They are concerned that Individual Development Plans may not provide an adequate framework and level of resource that are provided at the moment by the Statement of Special Educational Needs 

It would also be helpful if doctors, midwives, health visitors & nurses had more information about autism as part of training not just about children and young adults with autism but also how it affects adults

It could help staff support parents with autism in caring for their children.

It could help staff assist patients with autism who have problems with interoception (the ability to know and express internal states such as hunger, tiredness, thirst, cold, pain) and alexithymia (difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses).