I have several friends and their children who are Autistic. Its individual to each person. I myself have issues as did my mother in our inability to judge and assess situations and react accordingly. I am dyslexic and my son Xxx had an Educational Statement at age 7 and was what is known as Resourced - ie the LA paid for him to be placed in the Dyslexic Unit at Xxx Xxxx in N Wales, which is where I am from. He was then classed as a Disabled Student when he attended Xxx Xxxx at Wrexham.

I have a different way of writing and phasing words and sentences. I speak literally and I cannot understand jokes and situations. I was once told that I write and speak English and use Welsh syntax. That is partly true. I was told I have a mind like a flea..lol..I have to laugh, yes that is also the case I keep several topics in my head at one time and I refer to them without informing the other person who then finds it difficult to keep up. I hate and loath public speaking. I lose my "automaticness" and freeze. I have no problems in interacting with people but sometimes I as I said do not understand the consequences of my actions that may cause offense. No offense is usually meant. We all are capable of being offensive by intent in certain hostile situations.

However, mainly contributory to my family back ground and attitude towards learning, I obtained a Law Degree and an Economics Degree. My son also gained a Degree in Graphic Design and works successfully in that field. I ended up in IT that is my strength, seeing equations and code other people cannot and I have successfully acted for my client base for 30 years as a Business Development Strategist.

I write to support Paul Davies bill to the WAG. It is needed and long overdue. People with Autism need individual support and just because they have a different view point on life they should not be made to feel ashamed or that they are not socially acceptable. We should work towards a more tolerant society.

Mine is a success story but there are many out there who are not. They suffer humiliation and never reach their potential.