As a parent throughout my child's life we are always battling in one way or another with authorities to get the best care and provision for our child's needs and welfare. It took four years to reach a diagnosis for Autism due to a wishy washy psychologist so the stress and pressure was almost unbearable bring strain on our relationship. We then had a battle with the LEA to get our child into the right school as the LEA tried to mislead us into putting our child into mainstream school with support which was clearly not the right environment for him.

As our child reaches his final year in his specialist school we have another battle to get him into the right collage with the support he needs while he is there and getting him to and from the collage with support.

The Autism act should encompass measures to make sure Autistic children and Adults are protected from local authorities playing politics and making budget led decisions that directly impact their future and development and being able to thrive.

I am eager to know what the Autism Act will a actually mean and will it safeguard Autistic people. There is also a huge market to create jobs and increase productivity for small and large businesses by creating roles for these often gifted individuals as they are being ignored.