My name is Xxx Xxxx and work for the Primary CAMH Service in ABMU.

Despite a large amount of money being released in Wales for assessment and interventions to help children, young people and their families; when a child, or young person needs further assessment and help due to the problems caused by the ASD features they are presenting with.  I have identified many problems with the systems in place.

I understand that many teams including the ABMU (Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board) – NDD (Neuro Developmental Disorder) team are not yet fully operational, however, Many Many families I have and am working with are experiencing severe stress and finding there is little support available top help them and few professionals who believe them and understand the difficulties they are experiencing.

The most concerning problem in my opinion is the lack of knowledge of school teachers and the Additional Learning Needs Coordinators who are responsible for activating the process for further assessment. I believe that Wales should lead the way and there should be a compulsory unit for all Teacher Training that includes a child and adolescent developmental unit this unit would also cover problems associated with NDD problems.

Another problem is also having such a narrow gateway for requesting further assessment. As a clinical practitioner and children’s nurse for 35 years I have received excellent training on assessing children and young people with these problems, however even when I RECOMMEND TO THE SCHOOL THAT THEY REQUEST FURTHER ASSESSMENT THIS IS OFTEN REFUSED.

I have a special interest in working with these amazing children, young people and their families and the families are not even aware that this consultation is open for them to comment.  The Welsh Government should publicise this on local media so the views of families could be heard.

I am contacting you not as a representative view for the service I work for but as an experienced Children’s Nurse who cares for these children, young people and their families.