The Need for an ongoing Autism strategy

a) What are your views on the effectiveness of the current arrangements for improving autism in Wales?

It is not fit for purpose for autistic people.

b) Do you believe Wales should have legislation requiring the Welsh Government to publish a national autism strategy for children and adults and issue guidance to local authorities and NHS bodies on implementing the strategy?

Yes. It will promote more understanding of autism and responsibilities of local authorities. It will improve environments for autistic children/adults.

c) To what degree of detail do you think the content of a national autism strategy should be defined in legislation?

More empathy and understanding of what it is like to be autistic e.g. Too much information campaign. More guidance and tools for autistic people and offering support.

d) What (if any) consultation do you think the Welsh Government should be required in legislation to undertake, when developing, reviewing and updating a national autism strategy

More training for all local authorities/NHS etc.

If more people understand autism, then more can be done to assist. The whole spectrum taken more seriously. Time frame on diagnosis.

e) Do you believe that legislation should define how often a national autism strategy should be reviewed and updated? If so, how often should it be reviewed and updated?

We feel it should be reviewed more closely when first rolled out, to look for gaps/improvements and when up and running, reviewed every three years.

f) Do you have any views on how Welsh Governments should monitor what progress is being made and how public services should be held accountable for how they support autistic people and their families?

Data collection for:

-        Diagnosis and time from referral to diagnosis

-        How many people are receiving formal support

-        Public services should be responsible for providing support, and if not, explain why.