Questions about getting a better way to diagnose Autism

1. What do you think about how easy it is to get an autism diagnosis where you live?

(A diagnosis is when a doctor looks at a person's health and behaviour and says whether they have autism or not.)

2. What are the most difficult things about getting a diagnosis?

3. Do you think that the local authorities and health services should have to give out information about how to get an autism diagnosis?


Questions about improving the way people get support services

1. Do you think seivices at the moment are good enough for people with autism?


2. Do you think the law should say that there must be guidance on how to deliv1seivices for people with autism?

3. I think there should be guidance. I think the guidance should say:

a.    How to organise getting an autism diagnosis

b.   Seivices cannot turn people with autism away because they have a high IQ

c.    There should be plans for people with autism moving from child to adult seivices

d.   How to plan for autism seivices

e.    Who should be in charge of the organisation of autism seivices?

Do you agree that the guidance should say something about the things listed above?


Is there anything else fhat you think should be in the guidance?

4. Do you think local authorities and health seivices should have to collect information about people with autism so they can make better plans for seivices?


6. Do you have any ideas about the best way to collect information about people with autism?

For example, information about how many people have autism and what their support needs are?

Question about autism training for staff

1. Do you have any views about the autism training that staff working with people with autism already get?

2. Do you think the law should say:

a.    What the staff who work with people with autism should know and be able to do after their training?



b.   That key staff should get autism training. The law would not say la.ihing about what they should know.


Questions about jobs for people with autism

17. Do you have any ideas about what should happen to help more people with autism get jobs?

Questions about the definition of autism

Where do you think the definition should be written? Please tick 1:

a.    On the Bill

b.   In the plan for autism

c.    In the guidance

d.   I don't think it should be included