I was diagnosed with Aspergers in May 2015, after initially being referred for assessment in December 2013.

The length of time between between referral and diagnosis is not my problem, nor the lack of support.  What I find frustrating is having to explain to other hospital departments my diagnosis! The reason is due to the fact that the diagnosis is made by consult based within the areas of mental health and learning disabilities! Most systems information is held separately hence my general medicine consultant do not have access to the information.

I have even had to provide copies of my diagnosis letter to my gp! Basics, the reason is because, the consultant who made the diagnosis wrote their letter back to mental health unit, who screened the referral and not the gp!

It is this process that needs to be tightened up, and also a mandatory notification to social services at point of diagnosis.

At the time of my diagnosis it was realised that I have two parents who are both Aspergers too!