P-05-779 Compulsory scanning of domestic pets for microchips by councils – Correspondence from Carmarthenshire County Council to the Clerking Team, 15.11.18

Dear Kathryn,

I would like to update you with the situation within Carmarthenshire regarding the scanning of dead pets collected from the highway.  The authority is in the process of sending draft partnership agreements to three vets in the county covering our three depot areas.  The intention is to work in partnership with the vets, particularly as they have the relevant scanning capability, access to pet log databases and  cremation contracts in place.   The intention is that our collection crews can deposit remains with the vet (dogs, cats, ferrets, badgers, foxes and other small furries), who will scan cats, dogs and ferrets for a microchip.  If a microchip is present, they will endeavour to contact the owner, within a prescribed time period, and either offer a cremation on the owners behalf, or allow the owner to collect the remains.  All other collected small wild animals will be sent for cremation without scanning. 

At present we are still collecting, without scanning cats, but intend to start the new partnerships as soon as the agreements are signed which should hopefully be in the next month.

I hope this updates our position for your Agenda on the 27th November meeting.

Cofion /Regards
Diane Thomas

Swyddog y Strategaeth a'r Polisi Gwastraff /Waste Strategy and Policy Officer
Is-adran Gwasanaethau Amgylcheddol a Gwastraff / Environment and Waste Services Division

Adran yr Amgylchedd/ Environment Department

Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin /Carmarthenshire County Council