Dr. Neil Lewis,


Manager, Carmarthenshire Energy Ltd.


EV Consultation.




           Pairs of rapid chargers + 1 Fast charger at 40 mile intervals on trunk routes/major A-roads.


           Allow full, stress-free access East-West and North-South.



           Pairs of Fast-chargers at every town car park.


           Fast chargers at destinations-Beaches, Castles etc (Not just Tesla)



           Must be income generators. Contactless card payments.


           Fully policed to prevent ICEing and EVs just parking.



·         Plug-ins account for 5% of sales. Diesel dive-Bombing!

·         A million EVs in the UK by 2020!

·         Lamppost chargers standard in urban landscape.

·         Pairs of Fast chargers are now banks of 20-40+

·         Rapids proliferate on a commercial basis.

·         Role of Public bodies diminished.

·         Wales to embrace the revolution in decarbonised transport!