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National Assembly for Wales

Pwyllgor yr Economi, Seilwaith a Sgiliau

Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee

Ddatgarboneiddio trafnidiaeth

Decarbonisation of Transport


Ymateb gan Individual Response A

Evidence from Individual Response A

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Individual Response A


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1.        Are the transport emissions reductions targets, policies and proposals (set out in Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales) achievable and sufficiently ambitious?


1.1   Please outline your reasons for your answer to question 1

No - they do not go far enough in discouraging people from using high-polluting forms of transport (cars).


2.        Is the Welsh Government’s vision for the decarbonisation of transport sufficiently innovative, particularly in terms of advocating new technologies?



2.1   Please outline your reasons for your answer to question 2


There is no reference to using new technology to enforce pollution reduction schemes. Congestion charging, for example, can be effectively enforced using technology which is freely available


3.        What action is required, and by whom, to achieve the targets, policies and objectives?


Ban cars from city centres. Congestion charging. Invest the revenue in sustainable transportation and infrastructure for mass transit and active travel. You know all of this already, so why aren't you doing it? Are you afraid of the motor lobby?


4.        How should the new Wales Transport Strategy reflect the actions needed to decarbonise transport?


It should be sold to the public as the cure for people's addiction to lethal forms of transport (cars).


5.        Do you have any other points you wish to raise within the scope of this inquiry?


It's always nice to be consulted but it's time for action now, not asking questions you already know the answers to.